Article 1: Executive search

High-calibre executives at Partner or Director level can benefit from our dedicated search service by taking advantage of our extensive network of contacts to obtain a better position.

Reasons why you might be looking for a change

The motivation for an executive to consider changing role can be for a number of diverse reasons, often including one or more of the following:

  • What you have to offer can only be achieved in a different environment
  • Dissatisfaction with the overall strategy and direction in which the practice or business is currently moving or expected to move in future
  • Lack of support from fellow management in what you are trying to achieve
  • There may be a significant mismatch between what you are currently achieving as a salaried/fixed share Partner or Director and what you are expected to achieve in order to be considered for equity status
  • The path to equity is blocked for the foreseeable future
  • Things are not as they were described to you when you joined
  • The benefits of your current position are outweighed by the commitments to that role and the negative impact it is having on your quality of life
  • You may simply no longer wish to carry the responsibilities of your present job

Reasons to use our specialist service

  • You will benefit from our insider knowledge of what’s happening in the wider market rather than just opportunities within your own circle of contacts
  • Whatever your reasons for contemplating a move, we can talk to you in absolute confidence about what the options for you might be. You don’t need to submit a CV up-front to talk to us
  • If you have a following of clients which you can potentially take with you to your next role, it will certainly be helpful in attracting interest from alternative firms. However, a lack of following does not necessarily (in many cases) preclude firms from having an interest in you
  • Talk to us in confidence and we can explore options on your behalf. An intermediary can be useful – making discreet approaches on your behalf and preserving your privacy until such a time of your choosing
  • A call doesn’t commit you to anything & discretion is guaranteed

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